Cutting the Red Tape

In order for South Africa to achieve the most needed economic growth, existing entrepreneurs need to grow and new ones need to be unearthed on an ongoing basis.
This is the true value that BizNexus offers, unearthing winning entrepreneurs.

South Africa a transitional economy that aims to play a part in the fourth industrial revolution. In order for this to happen it desperately needs to have information readily available about its best entrepreneurs and game-changers.

At present only BizNexus offers this service.
Through specifically targeted and well-researched questions BizNexus assesses an entrepreneur’s potential, unlike traditional funders which can only evaluate the risk.

Financial institutions focus on business plans and affordability. Business plans can be opportunistic and speculative in nature and not always prepared by the person seeking funding. The BizNexus calibration formula cannot be manipulated as the desired outcome is based on a complex combination of responses and not nominal values of answers.
BizNexus’ evaluative questions are futuristic in nature and therefore related to potential future performance. BizNexus is the home of the hardest hitting entrepreneurs in South Africa, and a gateway to a vibrant South African economy in the digital age.